Innisfail Touch Association
The Innisfail Touch Assocation is a Far North Queensland sporting organisation that organises and promotes the sport of Touch Football in our local region.

Mixed Touch Season 2021

Draw for Wednesday 1st September 2021

Field 1 Ambush vs DNE Builders Refs D. Hegarty, S. Todd
Field 2 El Dorado’s vs Backlash Refs J. Casale K. Brosnan
Field 3 Riff Raff vs Outback Jacks Refs S. Corica, B. O’Connor
Field 4 Oh Dio Vs Yippy Try Yeah Refs J. Ballini, G. Doyle

Field 1 Wolfpack vs Tomahawks Refs Ambush, DNE Builders,
Field 2 Wii Not Fit vs Rusty Mangoes Refs Riff Raff, Outback Jacks
Field 3 Relics vs United Family Refs Melville’s, Crunchers, Sacchi’s
Field 4 Rebels Vs Trademasters Refs Yippy Try Yeah, O&F, Untouchables

Field 1 Melville’s vs Crunchers Refs Relics, Rusty Mangoes
Field 2 Captains vs O&F Refs B. O’Connor, Trademasters
Field 3 Untouchables vs Sacchi’s Refs Rebels, K. Brosnan
Field 4 Tradies n the Ladies vs Drop Bears Refs Backlash, Wii Not Fit

  • If your team is forfeiting, can you, please ring Deb on 0447 777 306 so the other team can be informed.
  • All teams must supply a referee for the timeslot indicated or will be left out of next week’s draw.
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