Innisfail Touch Association
The Innisfail Touch Assocation is a Far North Queensland sporting organisation that organises and promotes the sport of Touch Football in our local region.

Touch Season 2023

Combined Junior and Senior Draw for Wednesday March 8, 2023

Field 1a Skills and Drills She Sharks Refs Tom/Nicole
Field 1b Red Panthers vs Bumble Bees Refs Liam
Field 2a Pocket Rockets vs Taipans Refs Brendan
Field 3 Jets vs Raiders Refs Keith

Field 1 Razors vs Raiders Refs Brendan
Field 2 Apex vs Ukiyo Refs Anthony
Field 3 Retreat Beauty vs Captain’s XI Refs D Hegarty, S Corica

Field 1 Rusty Mangoes vs Saachi’s Refs Wii Not Fit, Durso’s Aces
Field 2 Oh Dio vs U16 Boys Refs Dusty Dingoes, Bust Ups
Field 3 LMB vs Pink Panthers Refs Diamonds, Happy Feet

Field 1 Diamonds vs Happy Feet Refs Oh Dio, Pink Panthers
Field 2 Wii Not Fit vs Durso’s Aces Refs B O’Connor, Saachi’s
Field 3 Dusty Dingoes vs Bust Ups Refs LMB, U16 Boys

  • All teams must supply a referee for the timeslot indicated.
  • If your team is unable to play ring Deb on 0447 77 306 so the other team can be informed.
  • All fees must be paid before playing tonight.
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